Santiam SIT

Santiam SIT serves as a safety net by facilitating resources and information for individuals and families in the Santiam Canyon region. The Santiam SIT program was established in 2017 to coordinate community providers and services to identify needs, find solutions, and avoid duplication of services. Santiam SIT continually seeks partners to include local school districts, law enforcement, local and state governments, faith communities, businesses, non-profits, early childhood providers, community volunteers, and other interested parties. Together, we share resources and work efficiently and effectively to benefit those most in need in our community. This network of service providers and community programs is ideally suited to receive and distribute support for the Santiam Canyon residents affected by the Santiam Fire in an efficient and transparent manner.

All monetary donations made directly to the Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund are tax-deductible, as the fund is established with 501©3 status and held in a local account at Columbia Bank. Further, 100% of money contributed to the Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund will be distributed specifically to meet the needs of Santiam Canyon residents until fund exhaustion. Distribution of funds will be overseen by a collaborative group of community members already vested in the SIT network.

Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund Advisory Committee Members

Cindy Chauran

Gates Resident & Fund Initiator

Melissa Baurer

Santiam Hospital-Service Integration

Deana Freres

Community Volunteer / Freres Lumber Co.

Todd Miller

Santiam Canyon School District

Todd Reeser

Santiam Canyon School District

Alex Nalivaiko

Santiam Canyon School District

Troy Gulstrom

Mehama Community Church

Rhonda Wolfe

United Way of Mid-Willamette Valley

Ed Diehl

Knights of Columbus and Santiam Hospital Board Member

Colleen Bradford

Department of Human Services

Nicole McIntyre

Columbia Bank

Christina Hoeckle

Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBLESD)

Santiam SIT / Wildfire Relief meetings will be open to the community. Donated resources will be coordinated through the Facebook Page: Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund. These resources will be matched to individuals and families whose needs will be presented to SIT via the extensive network of local service providers already established in the region. Also, individuals in need of financial, material or service support can contact SIT directly: